One photo from each of the seven countries of Central America.

  1.  Guatemala – Two Mayan women cross the square of Santiago Atitlan.
  2. Belize – Belizean girl on Caye Caulker.
  3. El Salvador – A street dog in the central square of Suchitoto
  4. Honduras – Three Honduran boys in front of the flags of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico in Santa Rosa de Copan.
  5. Nicaragua – If you’re in a hurry get up earlier.  Chicken bus in Esteli.
  6. Costa Rica – small town scene: cowboy troubadour
  7. Panama – Solo basketball in Bocas del Toro

twom mayan girls

belize girl


flag boys

si va de prisacosta cowboy

panama hoops


Me meti en un vagón del metro y no he podido salir de aqui

(I jumped into a subway car and I haven´t been able to get off)

So starts the song el metro by seminal Mexican rock group Cafe Tacuba.

And often, yes, that is the way it feels, trapped, at the mercy of opening and closing doors and pauses in dark tunnels which bode never to end.

Workers´ solidarity at dawn, afternoon siestas,  clowns, blind singers and masters of monologue, vendors hawking and you and me and discretely photographing with phone, eye contact avoided and the next station approaches and then, the end of the line.















metro series smile.jpg


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I have recently added a few short series of photos to my instagram which I will add here also.  The first is Sunday Plaza Life CDMX.

Mexican plazas and parks encapsulate a lot of what is great about life in Mexico and there is no better day than Sunday to visit. They are the ultimate democratic space, where you can find young, smiling families, sozzled winos and every other life form in between.  Of course, no plaza scene in Mexico would be complete without the myriad of vendors who arrive to feed the happy but hungry punters.  All shots in this series were taken on September 11 2016 in a few different plazas and parks I passed through.


Species of Trees, Jardin Pushkin, Colonia Roma


Roberto, big cola and aguardiente, Sunday 10am, Plaza San Juan, Centro Histórico


Selling monkey for 20 pesos to buy a torta, Parque Tolsa, Centro Histórico


Helados Ray´s, Jardin Pushkin, Colonia Roma


Here is the tenth and, for the time being, the final instalment of this series.  I´ve probably never been more esconced in the city than I am right now, CDMX (Ciudad de México) that is, as it is now known, at least in theory (more commonly in hashtags #).  El DF (Distrito Federal) lives on in the hearts of Chilangos and still splutters frequently from their tongues and mine.  I´m not going anywhere and still aim to be taking photographs daily on the streets, most frequently in the downtown of the city but also wherever else my feet take me (pata de perro certificada).  I plan to leave this space for some time, hopefully improve my photography, finally get a decent camera suited to these chaotic streets and reemerge sometime with an even better collection in, perhaps, a different format.

Below you will find 19 photos which make up this bumper edition.  Why 19?  The preceding 9 instalments were all made up of 9 to make a total of 81 so I decided to include 19 here to make it an even century (C).  The first ten photos are colour, the last nine black and white which probably breaks all the rules of how a collection of photos should be put together.  Ni modo, oh well.  I like to think it may reflect in some way the reigning chaos and disorder of the streets. I hope it works in some way, on some level, just like the city somehow finds a way to function despite the obstacles and challenges it faces.  I´ve heard photographers I admire say that the real skill in putting together a collection of photos is the ordering, something on which I can also no doubt improve.  The collection is eclectic, maybe you will find no rhyme or reason, the streets feel that way too, but after time recurring motifs become evident, something I will explore in more detail soon.  I hope you find something enjoyable, interesting or appealing here.

inverse tubularity

Inverse tubularity / Tubularidad inversa (Metro Aquiles Serdán)

lock up

Locking up / Cerrando (REpública de Cuba, Centro Histórico)

odd man out

Odd man out / Discordia (Filomena Mata, Centro Histórico)

fussy crossdressers

Picky cross-dressers / Cross-dressers quisquillosos (Eje Central, Centro Histórico)

metrobus man

I spy the outside world / Yo veo el mundo exterior (Balderas, Centro Histórico)


Daily life in Tenochtitlan / Vida cotidiana en Tenochtitlan (Zocalo, el ombligo de la luna)

rush hour

Rush hour / Hora Pico (Donceles, Centro Histórico)

gordito para el miercoles

FAT ONE WEDNESDAY (lottery).  Don´t forget to buy your ticket / GORDITO PARA EL MIERCOLES.  No olvides comprar tu boleto!


Rastafarian taquero aka chorizohead / Taquero de rastas también conocido como cabezadechorizo (Eje Central, Lagunilla/Garibaldi)


Milkish / Lechoso (Uruguay, Centro Histórico)

human tumbleweed

Human tumbleweed / Planta rodadora humana (Belisario Dominguez, Centro Histórico)


Spokes-man of an era past / Ciclista de antaño (Venustiano Carranza, Centro Histórico)


Joaquín:  Cuban, resident of the historic centre, bookseller, reader, wise man, philosopher…and more. / Joaquín:  Cubano, residente del centro histórico, vendedor de libros, lector, sabio, filósofo…y más (Alameda, Centro Histórico)


Antonio, ex-fisherman from Sonora and currently an empty cream container salesman (4 pesos -20c US), demonstrates the size of the largest marlin he has ever caught. / Antonio, ex-pescador Sonorense y actualmente vendedor de contenedores vacios de crema (4 pesos) demuestra el tamaño del marlin más grande que ha pescado en su vida. (República de Guatemala, Centro Histórico)

final moments of rest

Final moments of rest before descending to the chaotic subterranean world to entertain metro commuters / Últimos momentos de descanso antes de descender al mundo subterráneo para entretener pasajeros del metro (Metro Bellas Artes, Eje Central, Centro Histórico)

floating a few inches

Floating a few inches above the ground / Flotando unas pocas pulgadas arriba del suelo (16 de Septiembre, Centro Histórico)


Concentrate on the game and the hilarious danger above / Concentre en la partida y el peligro chistoso arriba (Zocalo, Corazón de México)

grasshopper man

Grasshopper man / Hombre Chapulín (Parque de Chapultepec)

the hour ceases

The hour ceases / La hora cesa (Alameda, Centro Histórico)