Line 12 (Golden)

Station / Estación # 158: San Andrés Tomatlán

Another trip down the golden line and it was a trigger- happy affair.  With the camera, that is.  Old JC was there,  painted on a wall near the San Andrés Church. The first thing that caught my eye was a seagull stretching its wings, in street art guise, and I set off to broaden my […]

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Line A (Purple)

Station / Estación # 131: Agricola Oriental

Three months have passed since the last MCM Project trip down the fabled purple line so a return visit was long overdue. Agricola Oriental greeted me with the standard evangelical message of salvation in Christ. Angelically, walk the cross like a piratic plank, fierce flames of damnation will condemn those who err from the path. […]

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Line 6 (Red), Uncategorized

Station / Estación # 104: Vallejo

Me bajé en Vallejo y poco después me recibió un letrero que combina dos términos que conozco bastante bien;  Güero y Caguamas. Ya mencioné el término Güero, aplicado liberalmente a gente de tez clara y a veces a ellos no tan claras también, en mi entrada por Barranca Del Muerto. El segundo término se refiere […]

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Line 1 (Pink)

Station / Estación # 50: Isabel La Catolica

To celebrate the milestone of reaching station # 50 I decided to take the MCM Project on a journey to….. well, actually it is more of a homecoming. Isabel La Catolica is one of two stations which I consider ‘home stations’ being in close proximity to where I live and is the station where I […]

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