Station / Estación # 86: Eugenia

Eugenia in its diverse guises: A recount Ornithological Eugenia:  a graceful stork, resplendent in flight. Entrepreneurial Eugenia: Basket weavers unite! Idealistic, theological Eugenia: refuge of sinners,  gate to heaven, health of the sick. Architectural meets botanical Eugenia: the truly 'amazing house' stands opposite - clipped immaculateness. Musical Eugenia: retraction, expansion, accordion emancipation. Sweet-toothed Eugenia: a... Continue Reading →


Station / Estación # 70: Canal De San Juan

A swat team monitor every movement of a humble musician wandering off to earn some keep whilst cement oblong men contemplate their lot in life. Wanna be a communist?  To the left not the right I'll think you find - arrow misleads. Pallid soma and flow of locks in open palms. Sorry, but you have... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 69: Deportivo 18 De Marzo

Cada estación y sus alrededores son lo que son, presentan lo que presentan. Rasgos de personalidad tipicalmente atribuidos a humanos igualmente se aplican.  Algunas son pretenciosas y llamativas, ostentosas, audaces o presuntuosas.  Otras son miserables y hurañas. La visita del MCM Project a Deportivo 18 de Mayo me dejó con la impresión que ella es... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 59: Cuitlahuac

Cuitláhuac - otra estación llenisima de movimiento y ahogada en su exterior inmediato por las ruedas incesantes de comercio. Asiente del inodoro espera para que se calente el proximo benefactor de 3 pesos.  Usuario se paga. Yo me senté para filosofar y teorizar sobre la correlación ( carencia de esta) entre la riqueza y la... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 58: Cuauhtemoc

Named after Cuauhtémoc (translated from Nahuuatl as swooping eagle- and thus the station logo), the Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan from 1520-21 there is no shortage of interest around this station. A lovely little plaza- Romita hosts an equally lovely little church.  Nearby there is a small urban market garden run by 'Sembradores Urbanos' (Urban sowers),... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 56: Villa De Cortes

Of all the conquistadors there is none more famous than Hernán Cortés.  This 'village' bears his name. The sun beat down reflecting brilliantly off the rubescent shininess of the old Henry. The eclecticism of a cafe converted from a garage called me in. Acclaim the varied architecture.   Twigs stem from branches to web the... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 54: Romero Rubio

Around Romero Rubio my sense of geography was bent, contorted and twisted out of shape. I found where Morocco meets Jerusulem, Japan meets Damascus and Cairo meets Guinea. Cats on the prowl, Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes and close encounters with young punks on bikes (1 photo testifies!). In a neighbourhood named... Continue Reading →

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