LATIN AMERICA FOCUS is my personal webiste/blog focused on my experiences living and travelling in the region.  I live in Mexico City.

It is administered by me – Peter W Davies.  You can contact me at:

I am Australian and have a strong interest in all things Latin America.

I have travelled widely and lived in the region.

The site will concentrate on a broad range of issues originating in and/or relevant to Latin America as well as providing a space for me to share Latin American photography, travel stories, poetry, ideas and links.

So, if you’re looking for something related to Latin America you may  find it here.

Be it alpacas or the Amazon, border issues or Bolivia , Chavez or chilangos.  THE ABC of Latin America + lots more.


5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I spent roughly ten years traveling to Honduras, staying one to two weeks at a time working at an orphanage. I stopped when I realized that I wasn’t doing much to effect any change. Most of the young girls my wife and I tried to help walked out the gate at 18 and were pregnant within six months, continuing a cycle of poverty that it seems to be impossible to stop.

    I look forward to your writing about the region. I found it strangely beautiful, despite the poverty and the casual acceptance of hopelessness.

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for writing. I’ve read a bit of your site and have been impressed by your writing. I work full time for a Mexican news website now so at the end of the day, don’t often feel like writing too much more but hopefully will get back to writing longer things sometime.

      Sounds like an interesting experience in Honduras. Coincidentally my girlfriend is working on the development of a mobile application aimed at further educating teenagers about contraception options and therefore reducing the number of teen pregnancies in Mexico. Time will tell!

      Hope you’re well. All the best, Peter

      1. Thank you, Peter, for your kind comment on my writing. I understand your situation. I do a lot of writing and teaching in my job, so it takes a lot of effort and motivation to sit down and write something decent at night.

        I hope your girlfriend has some success with the app. I can only think of one or two girls I tried to help remained in Honduras (the few that have come to the States have done well) that have actually broken the cycle of poverty.

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