Line 12 (Golden)

Station / Estación # 148: Insurgentes Sur [Project Resumption]

I’ve been back in Mexico City a few days.  It has seemed a bit strange at times,walking around the streets of the ‘centro histórico’ where I used to live, visiting old haunts – everything familiar but with subtle changes, in my perspective also.  The faces of the taqueros (taco vendors) and viene-vienes (unofficial parking assistants/car minders) I recognise have slightly […]

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Line 8 (Green)

Station / Estación # 145: San Juan De Letran

Off at San Juan De Letran, rise to the surface and here I am – smack-bang in the kernel of the big corn of Latin America. Sheer, utter density of human traffic and stagnant mass clog the pavement, impeding the possibility and desire of an elongated rhythmic stride through the streets. It’s usually a stop, […]

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