Here are some more shots from the Mexico City Metro System,grainy, blurry and this time in colour.



Me meti en un vagón del metro y no he podido salir de aqui (I jumped into a subway car and I haven´t been able to get off) So starts the song el metro by seminal Mexican rock group Cafe Tacuba. And often, yes, that is the way it feels, trapped, at the mercy of... Continue Reading →


On weekdays I alight from the subway, the new day still in darkness and join the throng to ascend the stairs and listen to the female cry of 5 peso jellies for breakfast. Through the turnstiles and then I turn left, still groggy from too little sleep and pass churros being sugared, fruits high-powered liquefied,... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 142: Bosque De Aragon

Hasta ahora ausente, el episodio final del cuarteto de estaciones Aragon ha llegado. La estación es paralela al parque expansivo que le da su nombre. Parece que los dias mejores del lugar ya han pasado.  No tiene la apariencia elegante de su pariente real Bosque de Chapultepec. Sin embargo tiene su encanto derelicto. Me agaché a... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 141: Iztapalapa

Imagine ascending to the surface of alfresco metropolitanism, stepping into the environs of dynasties; indigenes, colonials, mestizos. Your blinking hastens in the contrasting lucidity, eyelid inverse shutter reveals rippled golden dunes and a temporary transportation takes place, a million miles - it may well be (yes and no)- to splendour of Saharan sands, sullied by... Continue Reading →

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