I take a lot of photos on the streets of Mexico City and elsewhere, many of which just end up on my computer without ever really finding much of an audience.  So I thought I would start publishing some of them here in batches of 5.  Here is the first instalment. This first photo I […]

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Line 2 (Blue)

Station / Estación # 65: Allende

Baje en Allende y entrarás un hervidero de actividad – solo otro trabajador en el enjambre tal vez soñando de ser reina o zángano.  Melodias melíferas de un trio de musicos ciegos endulzan el aire. Bueno, ya basta con los metáforos apícolas. Un grupo de tributo a The Beatles tocan los clasicos, Frida adorna la […]

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Line 7 (Orange)

Station / Estación # 60: Constituyentes

I guess it was only a matter of time before perhaps the internationally most famous Mexican, Frida Kahlo, made an appearance on this project in some form or another. Right outside Constituyentes, there she is – in a street art guise. I’ll have to call on knowledgeable readers to help identify other luminaries. You just […]

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