About five years ago I was in Huehuetenango, Guatemala having crossed the border from Méjico and rattled into town on a chicken bus.  It was getting late so I stayed in a sketchy little hotel near the bus station, probably cost around 40 queztales or five bucks American. Huehue is a kind of bustling town although... Continue Reading →



One photo from each of the seven countries of Central America.  Guatemala - Two Mayan women cross the square of Santiago Atitlan. Belize - Belizean girl on Caye Caulker. El Salvador - A street dog in the central square of Suchitoto Honduras - Three Honduran boys in front of the flags of Honduras, Guatemala and... Continue Reading →


I didn't get to make small talk with these two to ask, or was too afraid to do so, but they have all the earmarks of being members or former members of Mara Salvatrucha aka MS-13, a criminal gang originating in Los Angeles and made up predominantly of Salvadorans.  During one of the 400 pueblos... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 121: Tacuba

In the wake of treading through the boneyards and beyond of Panteones on Saturday afternoon I felt I still had adequate kindling in my energy reserves to spark another visit so I zipped one stop down the line to Tacuba to make it a dual visit day. One spark and see where it spreads; a... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 75: San Antonio

La linea naranja es la linea más profunda del sistema del metro en la Ciudad de México.  Por lo tanto subir al aire fresco desde los espacios subterráneos usualmente implica andar mucho tiempo lentamente en 2 o 3 escaleras mecánicas. Hoy, sin embargo, decidi dar los componentes aórticos y ventriculares de mi plexo anatómico una... Continue Reading →

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