Not only have I painted these landscapes, I have lived them as well.  Up to the point it has been possible, I have worked in difficult conditions:  wind, heat and cold.  I have set up my easel in an infinite number of places in our country and abroad.  From those places I took away not just an image but also a human experience and a growing love of nature.  However, it was not all joy, there was also bitterness as I observed the intervention of men who, thoughtlessly and selfishly, contaminate the great diversity that nature offers us (the earth, rivers, the ocean and even the sky) with dangerous refuse and gases.

Nicolás Moreno

Sunday morning is a great time for unplanned wandering.  Choose your way at whim and see what crosses your path.  The historic centre of Mexico City is a perfect location.  There are surprises around every corner.

A couple of days ago I adopted this approach myself. Soon I found myself outside the Palacio de Minería or Palace of Mining, a building I had walked past umpteen times but had never set foot in. It is located on Calle Tacuba.

Inside I was treated to an excellent exhibition by acclaimed Mexican landscape painter, the late Nicolás Moreno.  Large landscapes of various natural features of Mexico were featured, many on concave canvasses which added to the panoramic experience.  The maguey was also clearly a source of inspiration.

Complementing the landscape paintings were scenes of Mexican rural life and portraits of Indigenous Mexican men and women.  There are also some paintings by Moreno’s brother Alejandro.

The exhibition runs until September 14.  Entry is free.

Peter W Davies


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