Station / Estación # 93: Juanacatlán

Al llegar a Juanacatlán casi inmediatamente asumo el papel de buen Samaritano.  Una abuelita antigua y encapuchada me pide llevarsela una caja pesada de quién sabe qué a un sótano de un estacionamiento. Camino por las calles mientras la viejita me sigue por atrás, gritando indicaciones. Por fin llegamos y me muestra mucho agradecimiento (hasta... Continue Reading →


Station / Estación # 92: Barranca Del Muerto

Barranca Del Muerto translates as 'Ravine of the Dead.' The name comes from a ravine that used to exist in the area where corpses were reportedly thrown during the years of the Mexican Revolution. The station symbol of two eagles apparently is due to the presence of eagles in the area at this time, attracted... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 88: Oceania

If nothing else, being Australian in Mexico City ensures that from time to time (understatement) conversation turns to a certain marsupial. Lo and behold that certain marsupial - the kangaroo - lends its image to the station Oceania as its logo. I set out to investigate. Taking the customary station sign shot I notice a... Continue Reading →

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