It's just after 1pm when I leave my sixth floor apartment in the Mexico City Historic Centre and walk a couple of blocks to Pulquería La Antigua Roma (Ancient Rome) on the corners of calles Allende and República de Perú.  It's an old school, no-nonsense place with plastic chairs in a square room with just four small... Continue Reading →


Station / Estación # 160: Olivos

I jumped back on a train after my visit to Tezonco, satisfied with the tacos and set off one further station down the line to Olivos.  Looming large, just a few blocks from the station is 'El Cerro de las Minas' (The Hill of Mines) so I set off towards it, determined to get a... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 74: Patriotismo

With a certain spring in my step I alighted at Patriotismo ready to tackle, with all vigour and zeal, station number 74! Normally not such a conspicuous numeral, the number 74 in this project represents reaching the HALFWAY POINT in this none too small endeavour. So, after wandering past some more attractive street art and... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 22: Moctezuma

Caminando alrededor de Moctezuma me intrigaron las historias de muchas de las cosas de que estaba tomando fotos.  Tal vez fue la estación, sus conotaciones historicas rezagadas en mi mente. Una botella vacia del vodka mexicano 'Oso Negro' desechado en el hueco de un poste: Quién lo tomó? Qué tal su noche (o día)? Una... Continue Reading →

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