Line 12 (Golden)

Station / Estación # 148: Insurgentes Sur [Project Resumption]

I’ve been back in Mexico City a few days.  It has seemed a bit strange at times,walking around the streets of the ‘centro histórico’ where I used to live, visiting old haunts – everything familiar but with subtle changes, in my perspective also.  The faces of the taqueros (taco vendors) and viene-vienes (unofficial parking assistants/car minders) I recognise have slightly […]

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MCM PROJECT: 2013 in review

Long time, no blogging on here so…hi! At the end of this post there is a link to go through to the annual report 2013 from WordPress for the Mexico City Metro Project.  In the year I made a grand total of 1 post!  Having completed the station visits in 2012 and being absent from […]

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Line 6 (Red)

Station / Estación # 134: Norte 45

Justo antes de bajarme en Norte 45 por una visita más del MCM Project estaba leyendo Primavera Negra (Black Spring) de Henry Miller en que escribe ‘ Si nos emocian los reflejos de un acero mojado es porque a la edad de siete, de repente, nos llegó el presentimiento de la vida en el porvenir […]

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Line 3 (Olive)

Station / Estación # 116: Universidad

    Me subí a otro servicio de metro con dirección al sur y hoy el destino fue Universidad. La estación, al fin sureño de linea 3, permite aceso al campus principal de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) conocido como ‘Ciudad Universitaria’. La joya en la corona de la enseñanza superior de México, […]

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Three Quarter Time

MCM Project Update: The Third Quarter

Before I get into the the summary of the eventful third quarter of the project I’d like to present this video that I found by chance scrolling through the vast web.  Santiago Arau has done an exceptional job in condensing the flavour of the metro system into a one minute time-lapse video.  Check it out! […]

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Line 8 (Green)

Station / Estación # 107: UAM-I

Since I came to realise, not so long ago, the immense similarity of the name of this station (UAM-I) to the name of my favourite all time Australian rock ‘n’ roll band You Am I it has been at the fore of my consciousness and I knew an MCM Project visit was imminent. I have […]

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Half Time

The whistle blows: Half time in the MCM Project

Just under a month on from the completion of the first quarter, the MCM Project has now made it halfway in this epic journey.  That’s right!  74 of the 148 stations that currently make up the Mexico City Metro Network have been visited and documented on this page.  So it is time to look back […]

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Line 3 (Olive), Line 6 (Red)

Station / Estación # 69: Deportivo 18 De Marzo

Cada estación y sus alrededores son lo que son, presentan lo que presentan. Rasgos de personalidad tipicalmente atribuidos a humanos igualmente se aplican.  Algunas son pretenciosas y llamativas, ostentosas, audaces o presuntuosas.  Otras son miserables y hurañas. La visita del MCM Project a Deportivo 18 de Mayo me dejó con la impresión que ella es […]

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Line B (Grey)

Station / Estación # 54: Romero Rubio

Around Romero Rubio my sense of geography was bent, contorted and twisted out of shape. I found where Morocco meets Jerusulem, Japan meets Damascus and Cairo meets Guinea. Cats on the prowl, Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes and close encounters with young punks on bikes (1 photo testifies!). In a neighbourhood named […]

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