Here is a selection of photos that I took on the streets and in a bar in Havana, Cuba during my visit to the island nation in July 2011.  The quality of the images is not so great.  I just had a crappy little camera at the time.  Nevertheless, I like the shots and they... Continue Reading →


Last year I translated a short story by Cuban writer Odette Alonso for the Palabras Errantes project ´Writing Lesbian Desire´.  It has just been published.  The original title in Spanish is ´Con la Boca Abierta´.  Below is an extract, click through to the Palabras Errantes site to read the story in its entirety in the... Continue Reading →


Dieciocho-trienta, dieciocho-trienta……. The numbers drifted across my consciousness, muddling with rapid eye movement sleep. Dieciocho-trienta, dieciocho-trienta. There it was again. Was I dreaming? My eyes opened. A baby-faced cop -still adolescent- hovered above, speaking into his radio. The voice was real. Dieciocho-treinta, dieciocho-treinta (18-30, 18-30), ciudadano extranjero dormido en parque publico (foreign citizen asleep in public park). Saturday... Continue Reading →


This is a selection of Cuban political slogans that I saw during my time on the communist island in 2011.  All photos are my own. THE BATTLE OF IDEAS CONTINUES FATHERLAND OR DEATH WE ARE IN A DECISIVE MOMENT OF OUR HISTORY.  TYRANNY HAS BEEN DEFEATED.  THE HAPPINESS IS IMMENSE.  HOWEVER, THERE IS STILL MUCH... Continue Reading →


Here's the second instalment of my brief Latin American food guide - this time L-Z.  It has been a bit more challenging to come up with a food for every letter here and I allowed myself some liberty.  I've enjoyed compiling the guide, I hope you enjoy reading.  Lechón: It's hard to beat roast pork,... Continue Reading →


Wake up each day and there is that need to put something in your stomach.  In three years travelling/living in the Americas I filled up on all of the below and much, much more.  I probably ate on the streets too much and am sure that I picked up a range of unwanted gut flora.... Continue Reading →

The well preserved colonial streets of Trinidad are a photographer's paradise.  Unfortunately, because of a  misadventure in Havana (long story), I arrived in Trinidad without a camera.  Cuba is not the easiest place to buy a new camera.  Prior to arriving I spent a couple of days looking for one to no avail.  After asking... Continue Reading →

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