The well preserved colonial streets of Trinidad are a photographer’s paradise.  Unfortunately, because of a  misadventure in Havana (long story), I arrived in Trinidad without a camera.  Cuba is not the easiest place to buy a new camera.  Prior to arriving I spent a couple of days looking for one to no avail.  After asking around a bit on the streets of Trinidad, a couple of ‘jineteros’ (street hustlers) told me to leave it in their hands and we set up a meeting place for a couple of hours later.  When we met up again, sure enough they had tracked down a camera for me – brand new,digital, still in the box but severely out-of-date, basic and overpriced.  I wasn’t in a great position to haggle but was able to negotiate a slightly better price.  I handed over my convertible pesos and headed out to the streets to start shooting.  This is one of the first shots.  The Caribbean sea is in the distance.


Peter W Davies

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