Here is a selection of photos that I took on the streets and in a bar in Havana, Cuba during my visit to the island nation in July 2011.  The quality of the images is not so great.  I just had a crappy little camera at the time.  Nevertheless, I like the shots and they remind me of the great days I had walking high and low through the streets of Havana, sweating ’til my shirt was drenched through and clung to my skin.  I shouldn’t blame the equipment anyway.

th_mulher y perro

Lady I met near the Havana Port area of the city.

th_havana familia

Father and kids in Vedado, Havana.

th_borracho tres

Rum-soaked in Centro Habana around about midnight.

padre e hijo

Father and son in fruit store in Habana Vieja.

th_padre e hijos

Lunchtime in Centro Habana bar.

th_cuban boys at bar

Boys playing in the same bar while father knocked back a few rums.

th_havana mulher

Strolling in the heat.

th_gandhi look a like

Cuban Gandhi.

Peter W Davies

2 thoughts on “FACES OF LA HABANA

    1. Yes, I have read your Cuba articles. Most Cubans now are very much looking forward to the opening up of the economy and the consequent benefits. The heat in July was oppresive.

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