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Time for another song translation.  Soda Stereo are rock en español royalty.  I lived in Patagonian Chile in 1997 as an exchange student and Soda Stereo along with the Chilean band Los Tres quickly became favourites.  Sadly, the lead singer Gustavo Cerati has been in a coma for over three years since suffering a stroke in 2010.

 I never had the opportunity to see the band live but if I were able to travel back in time and see them, I think I would go to their 1996 MTV Unplugged performance in Miami.  A stadium gig with 100,000 screaming Argentines would be incredible as well but for intimacy and the spacey ethereal tones of the version of this Soda Stereo Classic I’d choose the MTV gig.  Andrea Echeverri of Colombian band Aterciopelados accompanies Cerati in vocal duties.  Spanish lyrics here.   




You will see me fly

across the city of fury

where no one knows of me

and I am part of everything

Nothing will change

with a warning curve

In your faces I see fear

There are no more fables

In the city of fury

You will see me fall

like a bird of prey

You will see me fall

over desert terraces

I will disrobe

on the blue streets

I will take refuge

before everyone awakes

You will leave me to sleep until dawn

between your legs, between your legs

you will know how to hide me well and disappear

amidst the fog, amidst the fog

A winged man

longs for the earth

From the sunlight

my wings melt

Only in the darkness do I find

what bonds me

to the city of fury

You will see me fall

like a wild arrow

You will see me fall

between fleeting flights

Buenos Aires appears

so susceptible

It is the fate of the furies

that remains in your faces



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