Latin America boasts innumerable beautiful colonial cities.  Cartagena is spectacular.  Panama City has a dilapidated charm.  Havana is a grand old dame.  The list goes on. The historic core of Quito, Ecudaor’s high altitude capital, is as beautiful as any. Plazas -grand and quaint.  Ornate churches.  Striking monuments.  Winding steep cobbled streets.  They are all […]

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Line A (Purple)

Station / Estación # 43: Peñon Viejo

Otra excursión por la linea morada antes de divergir el MCM Project a una de las otras 10 lineas del sistema. Cuando todavía estaba en el tren vi unas fotos grandes pero desde la distancia no pude saber de qué eran. Me bajé en Peñon Viejo para ir a verlas de más cerca. Resulta que […]

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Line 5 (Yellow), Line 6 (Red)

Station / Estación 7: Instituto del Petroleo

I wasn’t too optimistic about finding anything of great interest at this station. I was immediately and pleasantly surprised. Outside the station there is a great street photographic exhibition celebrating Afro-Mexican people and culture. There are approximately 40 enlarged photographs across a distance of 300 metres. The photographer is Paulina Garcia Hubbard.   No estaba […]

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