Station / Estación # 146: Garibaldi / Lagunilla

The station icon for Garibaldi / Lagunilla (as you can see above), the penultimate in the Mexico City Metro Project series, depicts a crisscrossing of a guitar and a sarape. Why?  Well, not far from the station is Plaza Garibaldi - the home of Mariachi music in Mexico City.  I'll get back to the Mariachis... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 145: San Juan De Letran

Off at San Juan De Letran, rise to the surface and here I am - smack-bang in the kernel of the big corn of Latin America. Sheer, utter density of human traffic and stagnant mass clog the pavement, impeding the possibility and desire of an elongated rhythmic stride through the streets. It's usually a stop,... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 141: Iztapalapa

Imagine ascending to the surface of alfresco metropolitanism, stepping into the environs of dynasties; indigenes, colonials, mestizos. Your blinking hastens in the contrasting lucidity, eyelid inverse shutter reveals rippled golden dunes and a temporary transportation takes place, a million miles - it may well be (yes and no)- to splendour of Saharan sands, sullied by... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 100: Bellas Artes

What child in Mexico has gone to the Alameda and not felt joyful and happy?  What youngster has not felt their imagination run wild, given over to the sweetest deliriums, to dreams of blissfulness? Francisco Zarco, 1849, plaque near the station Exhale, 100 stations. Mid afternoon a storm rolled across the city.  Thunder reverberated with... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 97: Atlalilco

Desde la visita a Constitucion de 1917, hace 30 estaciones, no había ido por una excursión en la linea verde así que hoy decidi irme a Atlalilco para vagar de nuevo sin limitaciones. ¿Qué es tu posición normal - puño apretado o palma abierta? Una escultura justo ahí al salir de la estación me hizo... Continue Reading →

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