Station / Estación # 147: Zocalo [FINAL STATION – END OF PROJECT]

After six months and a smidgen to boot, the rolling, engaged motion of the virtual carriages of the Mexico City Metro Project comes to a final halt. 146 prior stops provided enormous scope for urban wander, yielding tremendous urban wonder (within the ordinary as well) and that, of course, has been the narrative and pictorial... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 135: Colegio Militar

Packing yourself off to Military School probably isn't one of your top priorities. Today I made it mine. ABOUT TURN! Colegio Militar takes its name from the nearby Military School installation which operated until 1976. Just after I alighted I watched a chap, sans lower limbs, expertly shimmy by on a skateboard.  All power to... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 121: Tacuba

In the wake of treading through the boneyards and beyond of Panteones on Saturday afternoon I felt I still had adequate kindling in my energy reserves to spark another visit so I zipped one stop down the line to Tacuba to make it a dual visit day. One spark and see where it spreads; a... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 120: Panteones

Tenía la intención de visitar Coyoacán como estación # 120 pero en los ultimos momentos antes de salir algo inexplicable me persuadió a abandonar esa idea y en lugar cambiar mi plan en dirección norteña a Panteones. Así la estancía se reveló. Después de pasar unas reliquias precolombianos dentro la estación misma salí al aire... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 109: Cuatro Caminos

Aah, Cuatro Caminos.  Good ol' Four Ways. Along the way in this metro meandering journey I've been given advice and ideas, here and there, about different points of interest around various stations, things to look out for as I rove. It has all been heeded, though not always followed. Cuatro Caminos fits into and deserves... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 102: Tasqueña

Entresemana cada día bajo en Tasqueña en la oscuridad antes de amanecer. Solidaridad de pasajeros, ojos enrojecidos y cansados - siento, intento sentir. Paso por fuegos brillando en el suelo, planchas y parillas impacientes se esperan. Hombres de peseros gritan las destinaciones y poquito después ya me voy. Al medio de la tarde vuelvo.  La... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 100: Bellas Artes

What child in Mexico has gone to the Alameda and not felt joyful and happy?  What youngster has not felt their imagination run wild, given over to the sweetest deliriums, to dreams of blissfulness? Francisco Zarco, 1849, plaque near the station Exhale, 100 stations. Mid afternoon a storm rolled across the city.  Thunder reverberated with... Continue Reading →

Station / Estación # 98: Popotla

A Sunday afternoon zoom up the blue line placed me in Popotla with a warm springtime sun beating down. The logo of the station is an Ahuehuete tree.  You can read about the significance of this tree to the area in the wikipedia Metro Popotla article. As a side note, El Árbol de Tule (The tree... Continue Reading →

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