Below, a collection of nine photographs from the streets of Mexico City.  All these were taken either in the historic centre of the city or in the neighbourhood of Guerrero which abuts the downtown to the west.  All photos have been previously posted on my instagram but I have decided to publish a selection of street shots here as well so there will also be some  further posts.  All were taken on my samsung phone, which is what I have been using more than anything lately for convenience, because my dslr is somewhat out of order and I can´t afford (yet) the camera that I really want.

The quality of the images suffers at this size but I hope together they convey some sense of the city as I experience it. Getting a good shot (or what I consider to be a good short, of course that´s subjective and opinions will differ) has an effect on me like nothing else.  I´m sure greater levels of serotonin are released into my bloodstream when I´m looking for and taking photos on the street.  Like any street photographer I am looking for images that show something interesting about us as humans and our uniqueness as individuals, juxtapositions that work, contrasts and a little bit of beauty in the quotidien.

los cocos

The coconuts have arrived / Han llegado los cocos (Mercado Martinez de la Torre, Colonia Guerrero)

jesus rechaza nadie

Homophobic churches.  Jesus Christ rejects noone. (Plaza de la Constitución, Centro Histórico)

daily news

Daily news / Noticias del día (Colonia Guerrero)


Impressions / Impresiones (República de Chile, Centro Histórico)


Sweet slumber / Dulce sueño (Filomena Mata, Centro Histórico)

que decir

I don´t know what else to say / No sé qué más decir (Donceles, Centro Histórico)


Passion for the job / Pasión por el trabajo (República de Brasil, Centro Histórico)

tamal vendor

Tamal vendor / Vendedor de tamales (Colonia Guerrero)

la escondida

He went that way / Se fue por allá (República de Perú, Centro Histórico)

Peter W Davies


  1. Hi Peter! great photos as always! I was in the Df a few weeks ago but it was a really short visit and I just had no time to contact folks. new time, though, I’d love to catch up. And on that pint I want to tell you about a conference in Melbourne (at la Trobe) on Dec 2-3rd this year. The occasion is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at La Trobe. Its a two day affair and papers on any topic are welcome. Should you be in Australia at that time – we’d love to have you join us with a paper/talk. We also have a much more modest symposium on september 9th which will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Australia. Its an opportunity for Mexico fans to get together You’re most welcome at that event too! I hope things are well with you. Abrazos, barry

    1. Hi Barry,thanks! Yes, I would also like to catch up again sometime and talk about and pick your brain on all things Mexico! The conferences in Melbourne sound very interesting and I would love to attend and participate but I doubt that I will be in Australia at that time. There is a possibility that I will be in Australia at the end of the year but nothing firm yet. Hope you are well too and igualmente un abrazo!

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