Line 4 (Light Blue)

Station / Estación # 82: Canal Del Norte

There was a sizeable earthquake in Mexico today.  Luckily no deaths (that I have heard of) occurred. Life and the MCM Project go on. I visited the neighbourhood around Canal Del Norte, aka home of the encased Grim Reaper. Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a big thing in Mexico and death related […]

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Line 7 (Orange)

Station / Estación # 75: San Antonio

La linea naranja es la linea más profunda del sistema del metro en la Ciudad de México.  Por lo tanto subir al aire fresco desde los espacios subterráneos usualmente implica andar mucho tiempo lentamente en 2 o 3 escaleras mecánicas. Hoy, sin embargo, decidi dar los componentes aórticos y ventriculares de mi plexo anatómico una […]

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Half Time

The whistle blows: Half time in the MCM Project

Just under a month on from the completion of the first quarter, the MCM Project has now made it halfway in this epic journey.  That’s right!  74 of the 148 stations that currently make up the Mexico City Metro Network have been visited and documented on this page.  So it is time to look back […]

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Line 9 (Brown)

Station / Estación # 74: Patriotismo

With a certain spring in my step I alighted at Patriotismo ready to tackle, with all vigour and zeal, station number 74! Normally not such a conspicuous numeral, the number 74 in this project represents reaching the HALFWAY POINT in this none too small endeavour. So, after wandering past some more attractive street art and […]

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Line 2 (Blue)

Station / Estación # 73: San Cosme

San Cosme es una estación interesante para bajar y explorar los alrededores. El área es parcialmente un estudio de degeneración urbano – arte callejero desteñiendo y edificios derruidos y destartalados.  Añide carácter. Mucho del otro arte callejero es fresco y brillante.  Hay una serie de murales que supuestamente representa 14 derechos pero solamente encontré a […]

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Line 1 (Pink)

Station / Estación # 72: Gómez Farías

An Open Letter to Valentín Gómez Farías Dear Sir Today I visited your namesake station.  I thought that, while your now brittle bones lie in the coldness of your grave, you might like to know just how things are around there these days – more than 150 years since you shuffled off this mortal coil. […]

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Line A (Purple)

Station / Estación # 70: Canal De San Juan

A swat team monitor every movement of a humble musician wandering off to earn some keep whilst cement oblong men contemplate their lot in life. Wanna be a communist?  To the left not the right I’ll think you find – arrow misleads. Pallid soma and flow of locks in open palms. Sorry, but you have […]

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