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Nine more images from the streets of Mexico City for this ninth edition of this series,  Mexico City Street Photography.  A friend of the canine kind makes a first appearance along with an array of other chilangos, fellow inhabitants of the vast concrete megalopolis.  I´ll probably conclude this series with the next (10th) instalment and am still mulling over words to put my experience of the streets into some kind of essay or article form.  In the meantime, I hope you like these shots.

plastic ingenuity

Plastic ingenuity / Ingenio Plástico (República de Brasil, Centro Histórico)


Break / Descanso (Belisario Dominguez, Centro Histórico)

who the hell are you

Who the hell are you? / ¿Quién diablos eres tú? (Allende, Centro Histórico)


Porthole to your soul / Portilla a tu alma (Allende, Centro Histórico)

paseando con papa

Outing with Dad / Paseando con Papá (Madero, Centro Histórico)


Inhabitants of the concrete chaos / Habitantes del caos concreto (Eje Central, Centro Histórico)


Ecobici enthusiast / Entusiasta de ecobici (Eje Central, Centro Histórico)


Ramón (Tacuba, Centro Histórico)


Hues of existence/work/life / Matices de existencia/trabajo/vida (Callejon de 57, Centro Histórico)



  1. Peter

    More great photos! I agree that you’ve got somehow to bring these photos together in some way and reflect on the project and your experiences of chronicling life in the DF. I have a very good friend in Melbourne, Tania Jovanovic, a professional photograher and a passionate observer of things Latin American (especially Cuba and, most recently Mexico). It might be nice (and useful) to be in contact with her.


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