As I saw recently in the streets of Mexico City.  The intrigue is eternal and the fact remains that I will never even come close to getting my head around a minute fraction of it all but still, small fractions of the whole can at least add up to something, also minute as it is.  All of these shots are from the streets of the historic centre and are all mobile telephone shots.  Soon, as I think I previously mentioned, I may try my hand at trying to express some of the character and chaos of the streets using the humble written word, strength be forthcoming.  I´ve got some more photography material up my sleeve so bear with a couple more editions of nine shots from the street and I will let my voice free.

broom man

Broom man / Hombre de escobas (República de Cuba, Centro Histórico)


What is your destiny?  / ¿Cuál es tu destino? (Callejon del 57, Centro Histórico)


Fuzz / Pelusa (Plaza Manuel Tolsa, Centro Histórico)

way forward

If all else fails, google your way forward / Si todo lo demás falla, googlea tu camino porvenir (Centro Histórico)


If you like, I will build the city anew / Si gustas, construiré la ciudad de nuevo (Zocalo, Centro Histórico)


Cholombianos (Museo de la Ciudad de México, Pino Suarez, Centro Histórico)


“She flies like Svetlana the trapezist!”  / ¡Vuele como Svetlana la trapecista!

“She’s rides as well on two wheels as I do on one!!” / ¡¡Va tan bien en dos ruedas como yo en una!!

“She’s balanced like a ball on the nose of a seal!!!” / ¡¡¡Está equilibrada como una pelota en la nariz de una foca!!!


Monday morning and the week is already taking its toll / Lunes por la mañana y la semana ya está pegando dura (Plaza Santo Domingo, Centro Histórico)

social exclusion

Social exclusion / Exclusión social (Callejon Condesa, Centro Histórico)

Peter W Davies


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