It’s time to draw the second card in our game of la lotería mexicana.  Most of us, fortunately, have two of these.  Essential to our daily lives and to none more so than the thousands of artesanos (artisans or craftsmen/craftswomen) who ply their trade all across the vast expanses of Mexico City.

Yes, our second card is #21 – La Mano – The Hand.  The accompanying identifier:

La mano de un criminal

The hand of a criminal

th_la mano

This photo was taken in a pedestrian alleyway also in the Centro Histórico of the city just off calle Donceles which is filled with second hand book and camera shops.  Most of the alleyway is filled with second hand book stalls but on an elevated section various artesanos lay out their wares.  This mini, hand-woven basket is the work of one of the talented craftsmen.  The hand belongs to my neighbour who I often hit the streets with, camera in hand, and who seems to know every second person we encounter in our wanderings.  So, there we have it, the second card drawn –  number 21…la mano.

Peter W Davies

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