Get your boards ready, it’s time to play La Lotería Mexicana.  I’m on a quest to photograph all 54 images of the traditional lotería mexicana here in the streets, markets, cantinas, squares and wherever else of Mexico City, where surely all 54 images wait to be found .  The cards could come up in any order, be ready to lay down your chips and call out lotería when you’ve made a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of four.

The first card drawn is, believe it or not, #1 itself – El Gallo – The Rooster

El que le canto a San Pedro no le volverá a cantar

The one that crowed at Saint Peter will not crow again

th_el gallo

Spotted on the exterior wall of Mercado de San Juan (Especialidades) in the Centro Histórico of México DF where you will find all manner of exotic meats, foreign cheeses and myriad other gourmet items.

If it appears on your board, lay down your first chip.  Repeating once again the first card of our Lotería Mexicana is number 1 – El Gallo (The Rooster)

¡Buena Suerte!

Peter W Davies

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