Despite working just nearby in the Cuajimalpa borough for almost a year, I never visited or explored the edge city of Santa Fe, situated around thirteen and a half kilometres southwest of the central square in Mexico City’s historic centre.  So, after I recently returned to my former workplace to finalise my resignation I decided to head over there -camera in hand- and have a look around.

The area is a large, upscale commercial and business hub, home to several multinational companies and international hotel chains as well as an increasing number of residential complexes.  I found the mood of the streets to be rather sombre and businesslike, atypical of most parts of this behemothic city. That said, there were splashes of colour and life as evidenced in the photos below of the organ grinder, tabloid promotion girls on bicycles in pink and blue lycra and vibrant murals.  As elsewhere in the city, the difference between middle to upper class corporate workers and those who flock into the zone to work in service and menial jobs is starkly apparent.

Peter W Davies


  1. Thanks for this. And to think that most of Santa Fe was a rubbish dump/tiradero before it ‘took off’ as the new elite/multinational business and education (CIDE and the Ibero) hub after the 1985 earthquake. I have to say that I find the area rather unappealing and charmless.

  2. Yes Barry I should have included that it was built on a dump.I think I will add that. I agree that it doesn’t have much going for it. I had been there a couple of times previously but this was the first time that I had really had a good look around. Thanks for the comment and saludos!

    1. Yeah, I don’t think that it really has much value for visitors to DF. It would have to be a long, long stay to run out of things to do and see and start thinking about heading to Santa Fe. Thanks for the comment Spixl and reading! saludos

  3. Nice pics, Peter! Your travels by foot took you a stone’s throw from where I used to teach. Santa Fe has some striking architecture and looks great from up high. Down below, though, all you see is the fast-moving traffic and the lack of sidewalks and cheap eats. Strange, soulless place.

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