Cusco in Peru, the ancient capital of the Incan Empire is another enchanting Latin American city.  The tiled version of ‘Himno al Cusco’, (Cusco Anthem) adorned with the city’s flag and coat of arms, is on display in the city centre for all to enjoy.

As far as I can see there are no other English translations of this online.  The song was composed by Cusqueño musicians Luis Nieto Miranda and Roberto Ojeda Campana.

Clearly and rightly so, this is a city full of pride.



Cusco.  Cusco is your sacred name

like the sun of immortal Incario *,

everyone carries you in their heart

like a hymn and triumphal flag.

Invincible bastion of your race

the people stand to salute you

and the homeland that is honoured in your lineage

places a laurel before you.


Eternal Cusco, your golden relics

were worked by goldsmiths of the sun.

Your exploits carved the centuries

and your imaged was sculpted by glory.

Rise to your feet, nations

that shoot your songs of stars

and may the world pay you homage

tilting its banners in your honour.

* Incan Rule

Peter W Davies

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