The video below is a remix/mash-up of comments made by three of the four presidential candidates in the second debate a few weeks ago in Tijuana.

The refrain of the “song” is sung by leading candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and means “Richie Rich Little Swine.”

It’s a reference to second-place candidate Ricardo Anaya’s alleged involvement in a money laundering scheme, which the federal Attorney General’s office is currently investigating.

The agency said yesterday it will release its findings within ten days.

Anaya — the youngest candidate in the field — and the right-left coalition he heads have strongly denied the allegation and accused the government of waging a dirty war in an attempt to garner more support for its candidate, José Antonio Meade, who is languishing in third place in most polls.

The fourth candidate, independent Jaime “El Bronco” Rodríguez, is in a distant fourth place and has no chance of winning but seems happy enough to bask in the public spotlight, inject some humour into the debates and shock the electorate with outrageous proposals — in the first debate he suggested chopping off thieves’ hands.

With just over two weeks to go until election day, neither Anaya nor Meade seem to have much chance of winning either, barring some major catastrophe affecting AMLO.

In the second debate — and consequently in this remix — he addresses concerns that have been raised about his health, declaring that he’s 100% fine.

Spanish newspaper El País said last week that there is a 92% probability that the third-time candidate will win while New Zealand-based prediction market PredictIt said that likelihood was two points higher, at 94%.

As we wait for election day and that likely eventuality, there will no doubt be a few more twists and turns along the way.

Below is my translation of the lyrics of Ricky Riquín Cannallín. Enjoy!

BRONCO: Andrés, give Meade a hug. Give him one, go on then. . .There’s a song that you should know. It goes. . .

AMLO: Hugs not gunshots, hugs not gunshots.

ANAYA: You’re all hypocrites.

AMLO: I’m very well and I’m going to beat you. Even if you join forces, I’m going to beat you. I’m at 100% and I’m going to beat you. Even if you join forces, I’m going to beat you.

ANAYA: Calm down, don’t get upset. Don’t get upset. . . as you say.

AMLO: Richie Rich, you little swine. . .Yin,Yin, Yin. . .Yin, Yin, Yin. . .Richie Rich, you little swine.

BRONCO: Give him a hug. Go on, then. 

AMLO: Hugs not gunshots, hugs not gunshots. Richie Rich, you little swine. . .Yin,Yin, Yin. . .Yin, Yin, Yin. . .Richie Rich, you little swine.

BRONCO: Give him a hug. Go on, then. 

My mother doesn’t know how to read or write, she’s my hero.  





Peter W Davies

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