CCTV Report: Hawkers in the Mexico City Metro

Here is another video from the series CCTV did about the Mexico City Metro.  While you might not immediately notice, or notice at all, prostitution in the metro (as shown in the previous clip I posted) the same cannot be said for the ubiquitous hawkers peddling anything and everything; chewing gum, CDs, nail clippers, spelling books, chocolate and a whole lot more.

If you ride the metro more than a few times, the cry of ‘a 10, a 10, a 10 , a 10, a 10, a 10, a 10!…10 pesos te vale, 10 pesos te cuesta‘ will soon become permanently etched on your brain.

However, there is no doubt that there are less roaming vendors as when I initially completed this project in 2012.  On line 12 there are none at all.  That can be attributed to  a campaign that is in motion to rid the trains of  hawkers.  Metro authorities are running an anti-hawkers publicity campaign (If you don’t buy from them, they will disappear) and police are cracking down.  Personally I think it would be sad to see them go, a certain vibrancy would be lost so I say, keep on buying!  The video below deals with these issues and more.


Aquí está otro video de la serie que hizo CCTV sobre el metro de la Ciudad de México.  Es posible que no percibes inmediatamente, o percibir en absoluto, prostitución en el metro (presentado en el video que previamente publique)pero  no se puede decir lo mismo por los vendedores ambulantes (vagoneros) que se ven mucho en los trenes del metro.  Venden varias cosas; chicle, discos de música, cortaúñas, libros de ortografía, y mucho más. 

Si vas en el metro más que un par de veces, el grito de ‘ a 10, a 10, a10, a10, a10, a10, a10!…..10 pesos te vale, 10 pesos te cuesta” seguramente  te quedará permanentemente grabada en la memoria.’

Sin embargo, no hay duda que hay menos vagoneros que cuando inicialmente terminé este proyecto en 2012.  En la linea 12 no hay en absoluto.  Se puede atribuir esto a una campaña que está en moción para librar los trenes de los vendedores ambulantes.  Las autoridades del metro están ejecutando una campaña de publicidad contra los vagoneros (si no les compras, desaparecen) y la policía está vigilando con más fuerza.  Personalmente, creo que sería triste que desaparecieran, se perdería cierta vitalidad así que yo digo, sigue comprando!  El video abajo presenta estas temas y más.


Peter W Davies

5 thoughts on “CCTV Report: Hawkers in the Mexico City Metro

  1. It would be a shame to prohibit the vendors in the metro; that’s all part of Mexico. In the metro, in the mercados, on the beach…AND they are not selling drugs. They need to make a living like everyone else.

    1. Yes Angeline, I have been in quite a few metro systems around the world and none come even close to rivalling the Mexico City Metro for atmosphere. I vow to buy more!

    1. That’s an interesting idea but seems extremely unlikely given the current stance. I think while people keep buying they will remain albeit in fewer numbers. It seems strange that the authorities are not making the same effort to rid the stations of vendors. Anyway it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few months – cheers!

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