Line 4 (Light Blue), Line 5 (Yellow)

Station / Estación # 13: Consulado

The visit to this station was a bit gory and consequently so is this entry so I’ll keep it short.  I don’t want to lose any vegetarian readers. The station is ‘Consulado’ (Consulate) but my posting is somewhat less than diplomatic. Anyway, enough of the quips! I strayed a bit of a way from the […]

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Line 5 (Yellow), Line 6 (Red)

Station / Estación 7: Instituto del Petroleo

I wasn’t too optimistic about finding anything of great interest at this station. I was immediately and pleasantly surprised. Outside the station there is a great street photographic exhibition celebrating Afro-Mexican people and culture. There are approximately 40 enlarged photographs across a distance of 300 metres. The photographer is Paulina Garcia Hubbard.   No estaba […]

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Line 5 (Yellow)

Station / Estación 6: Politecnico

La primera cosa que me golpeó cuando salí de la estación fue el olor de mota flotando en el aire. Era viernes por la tarde y muchos grupos de estudiantes habian juntado para compartir caguamones y para fumar. Un guardia de seguridad reaciamente me dejó entrar el instituto politecnico donde encontré algunas ofertas del ‘Dia […]

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