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I have recently added a few short series of photos to my instagram which I will add here also.  The first is Sunday Plaza Life CDMX.

Mexican plazas and parks encapsulate a lot of what is great about life in Mexico and there is no better day than Sunday to visit. They are the ultimate democratic space, where you can find young, smiling families, sozzled winos and every other life form in between.  Of course, no plaza scene in Mexico would be complete without the myriad of vendors who arrive to feed the happy but hungry punters.  All shots in this series were taken on September 11 2016 in a few different plazas and parks I passed through.


Species of Trees, Jardin Pushkin, Colonia Roma


Roberto, big cola and aguardiente, Sunday 10am, Plaza San Juan, Centro Histórico


Selling monkey for 20 pesos to buy a torta, Parque Tolsa, Centro Histórico


Helados Ray´s, Jardin Pushkin, Colonia Roma



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