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Below, a third collection of nine photos in this series of Mexico City Street Photography.  This collection has a little bit of a theme running through it. There are three photographs of musicians, two of whom belong to the vast army of ambulant musicians (buskers) who roam the streets or station themselves on corners, in the subway, anyway where there is pedestrian traffic, with the aim of relieving passersby of pesos.

There are also a couple of photographs that feature police officers.  Huge numbers of police patrol the city, especially the historic downtown where all of these photos were taken.  I hope you enjoy this collection.  Comments appreciated!

reversal of misdeeds

The reversal of misdeeds / la inversión de hechos malos (Metro Bellas Artes, Centro Histórico)

cantante ciego

Blind singer / Cantante invidente (República de Uruguay, Centro Histórico)

with the pope

Stroll with the Pope / Paseo con el Papa (Calle Madero, Centro Histórico)

inside job

Inside job / Trabajo interno (Madero, Centro Histórico)

solicito damas

Looking for ladies 17 -23 / Solicito damas 17 -23 (Tacuba, Centro Histórico)


Shuffling off to the next gig / Rumbo a la próxima toquín (Belisario Dominguez, Centro Histórico)


Police / Policía (Isabel la Católica, Centro Histórico)


Tubaists / Tubistas (Plaza de la Constitución, Centro Histórico)


Ably defending, zealously enforcing / ADZE (Avenida Juarez, Centro Histórico)


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