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La Fiesta de Jesús del Gran Poder is an annual religious celebration in the streets of La Paz, Bolivia.  I joined in the celebrations on May 29 2010, which coincided with the last day of my third decade.  The festival brings an explosion of colour, dance and music to the city and the party goes on all weekend.  Along with the Salar de Uyuni and Lake Titicaca, it was a highlight of the time that I spent in Bolivia.

Cerveza Paceña and singani  flow freely and the cholas  make even more frequent use of their long skirts for convenient relief in the streets.  An advertisement for Paceña gives a sense of the kind of revelry that takes over La Paz.

Below is a selection of my photos.  If you are going to be anywhere near Bolivia in late May or early June, make sure you are in La Paz to let your mind swirl in a city in the clouds, one of the highest in the world.



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