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The title I have given to this collection of three photos is straight forward. In the case of the first two, it simply describes their occupation in the informal economy of Mexico City; torta (Mexican sandwich) maker and sweet potato vendor.  I’m not sure of the occupation of the third guy or whether he has one so I’ve given him the moniker of hombre bravo – tough guy.  I think you will agree.


I took this photo  on calle balderas in the historic centre of Mexico City.  Tortas are an extremely popular Mexico City street food and puestos (stands) can be found all over, especially near the entrance to metro stations. Prices generally range from 30 to 50 pesos and, given their enormity, are guaranteed to fill you up. Only taco stands are more ubiquitous.


Camote (sweet potato) carts can also be found all over the city.  The trademark sound of the sweet potato cart is the shrill whistle which is caused by the emittance of steam used to cook the sweet potatoes.  If you hear the unmistakeable whistle, seek out the cart and the deliciousness that is mushy camotes drizzled with condensed milk.  I took this photo just near Chinatown, also in the historic centre of Mexico City.

hombre bravo

I ran into this hombre bravo kind of latish one night waiting to cross the road on paseo de la reforma, where one barrio bravo (tough neighbourhood) – Guerrero meets another, Lagunilla.  Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about him.



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