I spent late December and early January in Guatemala and Belize so of course that meant there was a fair bit of time spent on the legendary chicken buses. As always, it was one of the highlights of the trip and the buses are, in my opinion,  one of the best things about travel in  central America. Crossing the border into Guatemala from Chiapas in Mexico and arriving at the first makeshift bus terminal in Guatemala I could´t help but to grin broadly, knowing that I was about to get back on board.  Invariably connections between buses were swift and most of the time I was able to squish into a seat although once I found myself crouched on top of a sack of grain to avoid cracking my skull on the bus ceiling.

The simple pleasure of sitting at ´cuatro caminos´, a crossroads in the Guatemalan lowlands, sweat beading on my forehead and with a gallo cerveza in hand while watching the chicken buses come through, stopping for passengers and all the associated vending mayhem was a highlight.

Listening to Bob Marley with a cool coastal breeze blowing in while riding the Belizean variation wasn´t bad either.

 I wrote in much more detail about the whole experience in ´The Multifaceted Chicken Bus of Central America´.  It´s one of my most popular posts.  Check it out!

My maxim that on board you´ll never be bored  remains as current as ever.

Until I ride again.

Peter W Davies

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