Video and photos from the march for the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students in Mexico City on November 20 2014.

Peter W Davies

5 thoughts on “MARCH FOR THE 43 – MEXICO CITY 20/11/2014

  1. Nothing happened in Birmingham, the university Mexican Society didn’t organise anything under the excuse of being an apolitical organisation and I must say I was a little ashamed. This isn’t politics, this is a nation in mourning.
    It was the same for Venezuela though, in February they were going through hell but nothing on the news here. But the headlines this morning are ALL internal affairs, not even Syria makes the headlines today on BBC.

  2. So much terrible shit happening in many parts of the world.. Life goes on the same for most and many. I just observe, foreigners can’t participate directly in politics.. sad times

    I often check out bbc latin america and bbc mundo for latin america stories in english and spanish.

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