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Three months ago I inaugurated this planned series of Mexico City corners with my post about the Triple Alliance Garden on the corner of Tacuba and Filomena Mata in the historic centre.

Although I’ve passed by and stopped on plenty of interesting corners of the city I neglected to add a follow up post.  Until now.

Today I walked up Eje Central (also known as Lazaro Cardenas) which is the main drag through the centre of Mexico City towards Tlatelolco, the site of La Plaza de las Tres Culturas.

There are a few corners which caught my attention.

First there is the corner of Eje Central and Republica de Ecuador in colonia ampliación morelos where the mural below adorns Salon Bombay, a cultural centre famed for everything from cabaret to rap and apparently also, in its day, piquing the curiosity of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Fidel Castro and Che. I will make a point of getting back there sometime.


Heading further northwards I reached the corner of Eje Central and Luna in colonia guerrero where the dos equis beer advert shown below currently adorns the side of a bus shelter.  It reads…

‘He’s never been given the tourist price’

‘He is the most interesting man in the world’


You may well know the series, of which you can see one below.

Finally I came to the corner of Eje Central and Avenida Ricardo Flores Magon where the Centro Cultural Tlatelolco is located.


Apart from housing a variety of temporary exhibitions there is a poignant permanent memorial collection related to the 1968 student massacre at the nearby Plaza de las Tres Culturas.  I visited recently.  Below is a selection of my photographs.









  1. Nice bit of writing, Peter! As it happens, I recently published on my own blog a longer piece about Tlatelolco. Sorry for the shameless plug. 🙂

    As for Eje Central, I think it’s one of the more interesting streets in DF. Even the blander stretch that runs through Doctores has its share of murals and imaginative graffiti. And you’ve gotta love the trolebus that runs from Terminal Norte al Sur.

  2. I like eje central too, just try to avoid it is much as I can between Salto de Agua and Bellas Artes just to avoid the sheer mass of people.. Mostly I prefer to stride rather than dawdle. Checked out your Tlatelolco post again – very cool!

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