Station / Estación # 85: General Anaya

La penúltima estación al fin sureño de la Linea 2, esta es una estación que paso cada día de la semana.

La visita hoy del MCM project fue la primera vez que me bajé.

Planeé visitar hoy porque tenía ganas de ver músicos polacos ‘Marcin Wasilewski Trio‘ en la 2012 Eurojazz Festival.

Más al ratito.

Cuando paso por General Anaya cada día en la mañana, está amaneciendo.  El arte del estacionamiento invariablemente me llama la atención.

Hoy pude verlo de cerca.

Al continuar en mi caminata el proyecto me dió un sed – algo normal.

Normalmente un té helado es mi refresco preferido pero ya que hoy es viernes y había encontrado a la plaza San Mateo decidi refrescarme con un litro (y más) de una cerveza obscura.

Con todo eso fluido salpicando en la panza, ascendiendo para poner un lustre y una sonrisa en la cara, perspectiva y percepción cambian en una manera que siempre cambiarán.

Iglesia, teatro, ventanas ornamentadas,cañones – una pinta alternativa.

Es indudable y un hecho que volveré porque no tenía el tiempo para visitar (ni el para recibirme) al ”Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones‘ que detalla la historia de intervención extranjera en México.

Tierra robada.

Por ejemplo.

Quiero saber más.  Necesito leer más. Sí volveré.

General Anaya mismo (Pedro) está también.  Parado en metal – manipulado, esculpido.

Y después de todo eso! El jazz! Y qué impresionante fue que esas teclas del piano fueron tocadas con caricias, con golpes y con mucho amor y alegría!

The penultimate station at the southern end of Line 2, this is a station that I pass through every weekday.

The visit today for the MCM project, however, was the first time that I had alighted.

The visit was scheduled in for today as I was keen to check out Polish musicians ‘Marcin Wasilewski Trio‘ at the 2012 Eurojazz Festival.

More of that later.

When I pass General Anaya each morning, dusk is just beginning to break.  Parking station art invariably catches my eye.

Finally, today I got a close up look.

Roaming on I felt a thirst coming on – occupational hazard of the Project.

And while an iced tea is my usual beverage of choice these days, being Friday and all and having come across Plaza San Mateo I reconciled relations with a litre plus of dark ale.

With all that inky fluid splashing about in the belly, rising to put a shine and smile on the face, perspective and perception alter in the way that they always and ever will.

Church, theatre, ornate windows, cannons – an alternate hue.

It’s a  given and a fact that I have to go back because I just didn’t have the time to visit (nor it to receive me) the ‘Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones‘ which details the history of foreign intervention in Mexico.

Soil stolen.

For example.

I want to know more, I need to read more, I will return.

General Anaya himself (Pedro) also stands tall in metallic manipulated sculpture.

And after all that! the jazz!  and how those keys (ebony and ivory) were caressed, pounded and pawed! (in pure joy and love)

Peter W Davies

6 thoughts on “Station / Estación # 85: General Anaya

  1. Hola amigo,

    I love this project of yours. I loved the Metro in Mexico City, and had begun to think I was the only one with a fascination for all the stations. I also used to pass through General Anaya on most days, as Taxquena was my home station. I also used to work at a pharmaceutical company nearby.

    I’m looking forward to your continuing adventures. By the way, I hold the (totally unofficial) world record for travelling the whole of the Mexico City metro system in the quickest time ever. Of course, it helps that I was the first (and probably only!) person to have bothered to do it. When they open the new line, I’ll have to do it again I guess. Sadly, Guinness World Records only allow records on the London and New York systems.

    I need to update my old website for it though….some of the images have broken.

    1. Hey Gary! Thanks for your comment – glad that you like the project! I actually found your blog and had a good look at it just after I had the idea for this project and before I started it! So, it was an inspiration in a way! Getting off at every station and exploring the surrounds turns it into a massive task! I’m getting a great insight into the city, lots to discover here as you would know! Looking forward to hearing what you’re up to via The Mexile! Cheers


  3. wow, love this project! wasn’t sure where to comment, but thought this would as good a place as any, being as when you did this, I was living in General Anaya! (In the Country Club.) I travel the metro every day to get to work, and the blue line is by far my favourite (except for when it rains!). 🙂 You have to come back and check out the new golden line, crossing at Ermita, it has been quite useful to me on more than one occassion, and is the fanciest of them all! 🙂

    1. Hey! thanks for your comment! I worked not too far from Tasqueña so I spent a lot of time on the blue line as well – that’s right, not much fun in the rain! I rode all along line 12 in one of the familiarisation runs and was going to continue the project but I left DF before it was fully operational.. I miss Mexico City a lot, I hope to be back sometime!

  4. I live close to Metro Nativitas, and add me to the list of pasajeros who don’t like Line 2 when it is raining. Lots of interesting sights near General Anaya…have you been to Centro Nacional de Artes?

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