Station / Estación # 2: Plaza Aragón

Con algo de confianza por haber finalmente empezado este proyecto me subí de nuevo al metro para tomar un paseo corto a Plaza Aragón.

Fui recibido por muchas tiendas de cadena, restaurantes de comida rápida y almacenes de muebles sobre un camino arterial.  Otra vez me pregunté qué iba a hacer.

Vi a dos caballeros imaculadamente vestidas con guitarras al frente del ‘Restaurante Tiburón‘ y imediatamente supé que eran los que estaba buscando.

Con especialización en temas romanticas, llevan años tocando juntos como dos terceres de ‘Trio Inspiración Latina’.

Les pregunté por el tercer miembro de su trio y me dijeron que llegaría ‘ahorita’ mientras hicieron gestos indicando borrachera y sueño pesado.

Caballeros mejores y más amigables no podría haber pedido conocer.

Algún día volveré a ‘Restaurante Tiburón’ para comer y escuchar su música también!

With some confidence from having finally set the wheels of the project in motion I jumped back on the metro and took a short ride down the line to Plaza Aragon.

I was greeted by chain stores galore, fast food restaurants and furniture warehouses lining an arterial road and again I wondered what I was going to do.

I spotted two immaculately attired guitar-wielding gentlemen out the front of ‘Restaurant Tiburon’ and I immediately knew they were who I was looking for.

Specialising in romantic ballads, they have been playing together for years as two thirds of ‘Trio Inspiracón Latina’.

I enquired as to the whereabouts of the third member of the group to be told that he would be arriving ‘ahorita’ (any moment) whilst gesturing to indicate heavy drinking and heavy sleeping.

Finer and friendlier gentlemen I could not have wished to meet.

One day I’ll go back to ‘Restaurant Tiburón’ to eat and listen to their music too!

Peter W Davies

2 thoughts on “Station / Estación # 2: Plaza Aragón

  1. Hi Peter, This is George Loubens’ friend, when you told me about this project i was really amazed, I just arrived home and the first thing I did was turn the computer on and browse your blog, it is an awesome project. With this post i remember part of my childhood i used to live really close to Plaza Aragon, and also I used to eat with my parents in that restaurant. Nostalgic moment! Good Job man, looking forward to see your next project!

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