A blur!  It feels like this a lot of the time but in Mexico City there is not a better way to get around the city.  I  visited the station and surrounds of the whole system and documented the experience with photographic images and anecdotes.  Check out the Mexico City Metro Project.

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Line 3 (Olive)

Station / Estación # 143: Coyoacan

 This is the first of the final five stations of the MCM Project.  Once upon a time, Coyoacan, meaning ‘place of the coyote’, was a stand alone village.  Now it has been well and truly engulfed by the urban sprawl of the Federal District.  However, Coyoacan still retains a unique identity.  It is a popular […]

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Line B (Grey)

Station / Estación # 142: Bosque De Aragon

Hasta ahora ausente, el episodio final del cuarteto de estaciones Aragon ha llegado. La estación es paralela al parque expansivo que le da su nombre. Parece que los dias mejores del lugar ya han pasado.  No tiene la apariencia elegante de su pariente real Bosque de Chapultepec. Sin embargo tiene su encanto derelicto. Me agaché a […]

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Line 8 (Green)

Station / Estación # 141: Iztapalapa

Imagine ascending to the surface of alfresco metropolitanism, stepping into the environs of dynasties; indigenes, colonials, mestizos. Your blinking hastens in the contrasting lucidity, eyelid inverse shutter reveals rippled golden dunes and a temporary transportation takes place, a million miles – it may well be (yes and no)- to splendour of Saharan sands, sullied by […]

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Line 6 (Red)

Station / Estación # 140: Azcapotzalco

‘No es suficiente ser diligente; así son las hormigas.  ¿De qué eres diligente?’ HENRY DAVID THOREAU Hoy el sol, recientemente solitario ( portandose como un ermitaño cascarrabias) apareció de nuevo, brillando con intensidad suficiente para persuadir salir unos torrentes de transpiración a mi ceja mientras circunnavegaba (daba vueltas) alrededor de Azcapotzalco. Azcapotzalco significa ‘en los […]

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Line 7 (Orange)

Station / Estación # 139: San Joaquin

Street-side sozzled and jauntily jovial. A trio of weathered chaps. Loyal canine companion in toe, master of the perfectly endearing nuzzle. That was my greeting right at the exit of metro San Joaquin, a perfect introduction to the varied hues of the surrounds. In the severest earnestness I could muster, I delved into the streets […]

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