Below a second installment of five photographs that I´ve taken on the streets of Mexico City.  The first installment is here.

Esquina de helado (Ice cream corner): First up is a shot of the ubiquitous Mexican ice cream chain La Michoacana.  This particularly retro branch is found on the corner of Calles Guerrero and Orozcco y Berra in Colonia Buenavista.


Window wash: I took this shot on Calle Tacuba in the historic centre (centro histórico) of the city.

window clean

Urraca (magpie): Street art in Colonia Buenavista.


Coke wash:  Believe it or not, these two guys used coca cola to wash out their eyes after getting caught up in tear gas used by the police during a protest turned violent in the downtown of the city.

coke wash

Casa de Azulejos (House of Tiles):  Girl takes time out to check her phone on Callejon Condesa in the historic centre.

window watch

Peter W Davies

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