With thousands and thousands of others I spent the latter half of Saturday afternoon wandering around the bustling streets of Mexico City’s historic centre.

Walking down the pedestrian street of San Jeronimo, I came across a heavy metal band playing against the backdrop of a Catholic cathedral, an interesting juxtaposition.  Below is a short video I shot.



Not long after, I joined the throng on Calle Madero, the busiest pedestrian street of the city.  It runs from Eje Central, the city’s main thoroughfare to el zócalo or plaza de la constitución – the central square.  Just before reaching eje central stands la casa de los azulejos  (House of Tiles) on the right.  Just behind it runs a narrow alleyway called Condesa.  There I found another group playing, this time a jazz outfit.

Which do you prefer?

Peter W Davies

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