I spent a long day at the amazing Mayan archaeological site of Tikal in the northern Guatemalan department of El Peten.  In between lots of walking, climbing pyramids and taking photographs I shot a couple of short videos as well, the first from the main central square and the second from the central acropolis to a viewpoint to Temple 5  Both are embedded below.

Not too long after daybreak, a dawn shrouded by mist, I strode through the thick and dense and sweaty jungle, droplets of perspiration accumulating with astonishing pace, birds tweeting and twittering, chirping and cawing in the canopy, en route to the centre of the ancient and great Mayan city; Tikal.  And then it all just opened up before me, la gran plaza, and being there on my own with only towering pyramids for company filled me with wonder and awe.

Peter W Davies

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