Here is another collection of nine photographs from the streets of Mexico City including a few very recent photographs from the past few days.  I´ll have more to say on the streets of the city sometime soon.


Embrace / Abrazo (Belisario Dominguez, Centro Histórico)

pan en movimiento

We´ll sell more over there / Venderemos más alla (Manuel Gonzalez, Tlatelolco)

modern day aztecs

Modern day Aztecs / Aztecas de hoy en día (Zocalo, Centro Histórico)

flower lady

Flower lady / Señora de flores (Colonia Obrera)

quesadillas de pekin

Quesadillas de Pekin (Colonia Romero Rubio)

el agua

El aguaaaaaaa!!!! (Palma, Centro Histórico)

metro descension

Metro employees return to work after a smoke and coke break / Empleados del metro vuelven a su chamba después de un descanso para fumar y tomar coca cola (Metro Bellas Artes, Centro Histórico)

ojo peligro

Watch out!  Danger!  This corner is on the verge of collapsing. (Colonia Guerrero)

reflected selfie

Special cameo from me in a reflected selfie with elongated double-dinking cyclists / selfie reflejado (Belisario Dominguez, Centro Histórico)

Peter W Davies


  1. So awesome! This really makes me miss Mexico. DF is one of the most incredible cities in the world, and your photos really highlight all the vibrant energy.


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