Aguascalientes is the third smallest state in the Mexican Republic.  Only Morelos, which borders the Federal District, and nearby Tlaxcala are smaller.  I didn’t know that until I looked at a map of Mexico earlier today and assumed that it would be the second small state after Tlaxcala.  Some quick research told me otherwise.

The fact is that I knew very little about this very little state.  That it shares a name with the closest town to Peruvian archaeological wonder Machu Picchu and its capital goes by the same name was about the extent of my knowledge.

A temporary exhibition (Paseo Bravo: Aguascalientes en DF  *) of eccentric bovine sculptures, along Alvaro Obregón Avenue in Mexico City’s Roma Norte district, has changed that, at least a bit.  The exhibition seeks to promote the state and is no doubt winning attention.

Aguascalientes is known for its cattle industry but a series of bulls, stretching over a few blocks, shows that the state has a lot more to offer.  Giant guavas, baseball, car manufacturing, first class cuisine, internationally renowned education and mining are just some of the state attributes which are cleverly showcased in combination with the bull sculptures.

As far as I can tell, the exhibition is achieving its goal.  I saw several people enjoying the sculptures on a sunny Sunday morning.  It certainly piqued my interest and curiosity in the state.

* It is worth noting that a sign at the exhibition states that ‘ This installation does not promote the running of the bulls’.


Peter W Davies

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